City Webinar: Paris Student Housing Market

The fifth of the series offers you the opportunity to gain the latest student housing intel on the French city of Paris as representatives of leading student housing stakeholders in France shared their insights & experience.

April 26, 2023

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Representatives of leading student housing stakeholders involved and interested in the French market came together during BONARD’s City Webinar: Greater Paris.

David Navarro, our Business Development Manager, opened the session. His presentation of key metrics and insights explained the specifics of Paris, one of the largest student markets in Europe, that make it attractive for investors and developers.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Demand for student accommodation in Greater Paris has been increasing

    over the years, given its growing population of domestic and international students, and is now picking up after the pandemic.

  2. The 131 communes of Greater Paris are home to 119 higher education institutions,

    attracting students from all over the world. The top countries of origin for international students in France are Morocco, Algeria, China, Italy, and Senegal.

  3. 646 student residences within the metropolis provide cumulatively nearly 80,000 beds.

    About a third (25,591 beds across 186 establishments) are privately run.

  4. Most private student housing in Greater Paris currently consists of medium-sized establishments

    of 100–300 beds (152, on average), while non-private establishments are almost equally split between smaller capacity (under 100 beds) and medium capacity (100–300 beds).

  5. Over 16,000 new beds are expected
    in the market in the next few years,

    of which 33% will come from private investors.

  6. The biggest gap between average rents charged in private vs public accommodation is for single studios

    (average of EUR 840 vs EUR 525).

Event schedule:

Paris PBSA market presentation

15 mins

Student housing expert panel with Q&A

45 mins


  • Romain Venturi - UXCO Management

  • Joe Persechino - AXA IM Alts

  • Yuri Dobrovolskyi - BONARD

  • David Navarro - BONARD (presentation and chair)



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