Private PBSA Portfolios in Canada

Explore BONARD’s latest report on Canada’s Private PBSA market. Gain comprehensive insights into the sector’s current status, leading operators, and significant investment opportunities. This detailed analysis offers actionable data for stakeholders in the early-stage Canadian student housing market.

June 19, 2024


As Canada’s PBSA market continues to show strong growth potential, BONARD is delighted to present our latest report, which focuses on private PBSA portfolios across the country. This report dives deep into the sector's leading operators and top portfolio brands, providing key insights and practical findings for stakeholders looking to capitalize on this dynamic market.

The Canadian PBSA landscape is still in its early stages compared to the more mature UK and European markets, offering significant opportunities for development and investment. Our detailed analysis explores the existing infrastructure and future prospects, highlighting the potential for strategic engagements and expansion. 

What can you expect from this survey?

Market Overview

Insights into the 54 portfolios currently active, showcasing a total of 60,000 beds.

Detailed Analysis

Key metrics covered include the rankings, origins, and distribution of the leading operators and portfolio brands.

Strategic Opportunities

Identification of lucrative opportunities for investment and development.

"Canada’s PBSA market is still underdeveloped and primarily characterised by on-campus living. The fragmented off-campus sector driven by local operators offers great opportunities for more private providers to establish their presence while leveraging the strong market fundamentals."

Martin Varga
Business Development Director


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