REFI Europe Webinar: Senior Living

Julia Momotiuk, Head of Rented Residential at BONARD opened up the session presenting preliminary data from the upcoming Senior Living Maret Report: The United Kingdom.

June 3, 2021

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Senior living is emerging as a key asset class for institutional investors that want to diversify their holdings outside of traditional multifamily apartments.

The sector presents different opportunities in different region, with the US senior living sector emerging as a template for other markets to follow, incl. UK and continental Europe.

Julia Momotiuk, Head of Rented Residential at BONARD, opened up the session presenting preliminary data from the upcoming Senior Living Market Report: The United Kingdom. The initiative brings much needed data and context for the segment facing growing pressure due to limited stock.

Webinar Recording:

Key learning points from the panel discussion:

France is the most professional market

France has the most professional senior living market in continental Europe with sophisticated operators with expansion plans.

Covid 19 has put more focus on quality operators

The impact of Covid 19 on care homes and senior living communities has put a higher focus on the quality of operators both from residents and investors. Working with quality operators has become more important than ever.

UK has unique property cultures

The panel agreed that the UK has a unique culture that is more conducive to buying property rather than tenanted retirement communities that are more common in Europe. One panellist pointed out the New Zealand model is more advance than the UK but retains a for sale model, and predicted the UK would maintain a similar course in the decades to come.

Southern Europe opportunities

Southern European countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece have opportunities for senior living although they have higher development risks. Spain has seen particular issues with Covid 19 spreading in retirement communities but still contains opportunities.

Sheltered housing is the German opportunity

Catella’s Ulrike Hagendorf said the focus in Germany is on sheltered housing rather than care home, which are less heavily regulated and classed as residential rather than healthcare.


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