2024 Student Housing Investor Intentions Survey

The first edition of the Student Housing Investor Intentions Survey serves as a new tool developed by BONARD’s rented residential specialists to support all stakeholders in the student housing space with accurate and up-to-date information.

March 6, 2024


In order to provide trustworthy results which accurately reflect the current mood in the sector, the BONARD team interviewed 130 companies operating, investing and developing in student housing sector or plan to do so to gauge their plans and expectations for 2024.

What can you expect from this survey?

Gain strategic insights on market trends from industry stakeholders 

Compare your future investment plans with established players

Understand reasons behind the emerging interest in this asset class

Nearly 20% of respondents are investing in, managing or developing portfolios with over 10,000 beds, while just under a third manage investments of over €1 billion. Almost three in four participants are actively involved in the sector and a further 20% are set to enter the sector soon.


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