Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Identify areas in which your property and services excel as well as possible shortcomings that need to be addressed in order to stay competitive.

Document the happiness and well-being levels

of your tenants
Acquire independent input for marketing collateral
(e.g., formulation of points of pride)

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What are
Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

An independent survey of existing tenants enables operators to benchmark their own perception to that of their customers. It provides an unbiased foundation for optimisation, with positive tenant feedback being leveraged in marketing collateral.

For stakeholders who want to take student well-being to the next level, longitudinal satisfaction studies demonstrate how the tenant experience and needs change over time. This allows operators to keep evolving in tune with matters to their customers.

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What are you

We provide detailed recommendations on how to elevate the customer experience based on first-hand feedback.

Learn how your customers perceive you
in terms of product, service and branding
Identify possible shortcomings
that can negatively impact future occupancy rate
Higher-quality data
gathered via an independent third-party
Showcase your customer satisfaction ratio
within your marketing collateral

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Do you need more
than a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction surveys provide critical input for sales & marketing strategies. Furthermore, quantitative data which points to emerging trends can also lead to a follow-up qualitative approach which explores these in greater detail.

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Independent & unbiased views
for accurate and quicker decisions
Global coverage & consistent benchmarking
of markets, portfolios and properties