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Feasibility Study

A focused analysis of a prospective project and its potential in a selected market, based on a site and product assessment.

Pros and cons of launching a specific project
in a particular location
Recommended product specs
for optimal competitive positioning

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What is a
Feasibility Study?

The feasibility study focuses on the location and building specs of an existing or prospective asset and is performed to measure its feasibility to become a rented residential property (e.g., a student residence or a BTR building). The research covers key demand indicators of the target area and provides an analysis of the asset in comparison with market standards.

The study provides a potential competitive offer, in the relevant market and private rental sectors, including type and characteristics of the product on offer and rent levels. The outcome clearly presents the pros and cons of opening and operating a residence in the designated location and provides recommendations for optimal competitive positioning.

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The feasibility study is a visually rich and highly customizable report based on an independent review of a specific site and building. It combines project details provided by the customer with local market insights and case studies and includes:

Site overview
target area, connectivity, targetable demand, current and expected supply
Competitor analysis
key private players active in the city/target area, capacity, product specs, rent levels
Project assessment
concept, building composition, layouts
Product recommendations
unit types, communal areas, services offered

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The Feasibility Study focuses on the analysis of a specific asset/project and, as such, typically serves to expand on a city report giving a general overview of the local market. For a comprehensive understanding of a project’s prospects, it can be further complemented by:

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