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Financial Modelling

A project-based financial assessment of a range of operational models available for a specific asset (including, but not limited to, owned & operated, external operator contract, summer months).

Identification and financial assessment of applicable models  Achievable occupancy and rent assessment Recommendations on the optimal operational model

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What is
Financial Modeling?

Financial modelling is aimed at building a number of scenarios for various operational models which can be pursued for the asset in question. Achievable rents are assessed, and revenues and costs are analysed for each of the applicable scenarios.

Our team compares the financial performance of each scenario to ensure the best fit for the asset. Financial modelling is typically delivered in the form of spreadsheets and provides a quick and meaningful assessment of the operational options at hand.

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Financial evaluation of alternative operational models and scenarios is offered, including a comprehensive comparison of all factors of a range of operational models, to ensure the best-fit scenario. These are broken down into:

Range of operational models
(owned & operated, external operator contract, summer months operation, etc.)
Detailed breakdown of revenue streams and operational costs
Rent assessment and further considerations for the client

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than Financial Modelling?

Financial Modelling is normally the first step in a more in-depth asset assessment. After the initial assessment of the most appropriate operational model, our clients also opt for the following products:

Thanks to long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence and professional and result-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.


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