An Independent Review of the Role and Value of Serviced Apartments in the UK

Serviced apartments have emerged as one of the most rapidly expanding real estate asset classes within the UK.

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About the Report

We're thrilled to dive into the world of serviced apartments, a sector experiencing rapid expansion within the UK.

Positioned strategically between traditional hotels and the private rental sector, these apartments offer flexible accommodation solutions for a diverse clientele, from tourists and individuals in need of emergency housing to business travellers and professionals relocating for work.

Despite their growing prominence, this segment of the market currently lacks data and representation.

That's why, in collaboration with ASAP - The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, we embarked on an independent study, aiming to illuminate the economic and social impact of serviced apartments.

This research, led by Patrik Pavlacic and supported by many generous organisations, will offer evidence-based recommendations to ensure that it can sustainably develop to its full potential and continue benefitting the economy and local communities.

What are Serviced Apartments?

Often described as "home away from home", serviced apartments can be defined as self-contained accommodation units that offer an array of hotel-like services such as regular housekeeping and flexible lease terms.

Key facts about the market

56,700 serviced apartments spread across the UK 28,566 are operated under a brand £1.7 billion was generated by sector per annum in turnover

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