Canadian PBSA: A sector with plenty of room for growth

BONARD experts, together with key stakeholders in the PBSA space, discuss how the sector can attract the capital it needs to reach its full potential and serve communities across the country.

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With its ambitious immigration and international education policies, Canada faces an unprecedented demand for student housing.

Recognising the critical importance of engaging in timely discussions and implementing immediate actions, BONARD has undertaken a comprehensive analysis by leveraging the expertise of 12 industry professionals. The valuable insights provided by these experts, who represent both private and public institutions, have been meticulously integrated with BONARD’s in-house intelligence. 

Key questions answered in this report:

  • What are the latest metrics from the market?

  • What is the outlook for PBSA in Canada?

  • What can we learn from a case study of “The Canadian capital of PBSA”?

  • What are the results of the survey conducted by BONARD in 24 student cities across Canada?

  • Why is diversification of the product important?

  • What is considered “the single most significant and helpful driver of change”?

 ... and many more.

“More investments from private stakeholders and investors enabled the off-campus sector to develop faster, as well as to diversify, and create a portfolio of targeted products that offer students a significantly better experience.”

Martin Varga
Business Development Director


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Key outcomes from the BONARD report - which included inputs from leading industry specialists – are publicly available.

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