City Webinar: Warsaw Student Housing Market

In the third of the series, you have the opportunity to gain the latest student housing intel on the Polish city of Warsaw. Representatives of leading student housing stakeholders in Warsaw shared their insights & experience.

May 24, 2022

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Warsaw is the major cultural, political, and economic hub in Poland, but it is also the largest student market in the country. With approximately 225,000 students and over 22,000 international students in the city, student housing market saturation stands at 7.4% bed-to-student ratio.

While there are currently over 16,000 purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) beds, only 5% of these are private PBSA beds — which represents significant space for investment in the market. This situation is underlined by BONARD’s student population forecast which predicts a total of over 30,000 international students in the 2024/25 academic year.

There is a growing appetite for PBSA development in Warsaw as a number of foreign investors have recently announced their plans to establish new products in the city. Coupled with insiders’ perspectives and views on future outlook, this session provided strategic advice on how to navigate the market.

This initiative brings even more in-detail focus and in-field experience to the most-trending markets for investors and operators.

In the third of the city webinar series, we presented the latest PBSA data with local in-field intelligence and advice on one of Europe’s most sought-after markets.

In particular, we are grateful that representatives of leading student housing stakeholders in Poland joined us and shared their insights & experience.

You can find the webinar recording and request a complimentary PDF copy of the presentation below.


Marek Obuchowicz


Griffin Capital Partners

Marek Pyra

Chief Financial Officer,

ZEITGEIST Asset Management

Leszek Maciusowicz


Rednet Property Group

Matas Mockeliunas

Fund Partner,

I Asset Management

Vasyl Roman

Senior Investment Analyst,


Webinar recording

Madrid PBSA Market presentation (15 mins)

Student housing expert panel with Q&A (45 mins)


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