Asset Performance

Analysis & Benchmarking

A means to get ahead of your competition, improve your operations, optimize your marketing and expenses, amplify your NOI and gain more value from the asset.

Independent peer review
of existing asset performance data 
Benchmarking against market & selected competitors
to contextualize the performance of the asset and identify gaps   
In-person visit to asset
for complex assessment

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What is an Asset Performance
Analysis & Benchmarking?

This type of practical exercise identifies areas for improvement and provides a list of recommendations on how to increase the value of each asset by achieving better NOI, profit margin and more efficient operations.

Our research team explores various avenues to achieve greater efficiencies, e.g., via optimization of rent levels, additional services, changes in the tenant structure and subsequent marketing.

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The Asset Performance Analysis & Benchmarking presents information on the market, competitor and asset KPIs focused on:


Rental levels, demand forecast, location and position Room types & structure, communal areas and amenities, length of contracts vs. rents


Utilities, HR expenses, maintenance & repairs Marketing & communication, taxes, insurance, other charges, management fees

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Do you need more
than an Asset Performance
Analysis & Benchmarking?

Asset performance analysis is usually delivered as stand-alone research. Extensive desktop research combined with in-person visits to individual assets and knowledge of best industry practices will ensure higher operational efficiency. Some clients choose to enrich their assessment process with additional studies, including:

Thanks to long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence and professional and result-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.


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Independent & unbiased views
for more accurate and quicker decisions
Global coverage & consistent benchmarking
of markets, portfolios and properties