Occupancy Study

A comprehensive assessment of current occupancy levels in a given city, indicating market saturation and potential supply gaps.

First-hand data providing reliable insights
into the current performance of the market
Primary research focused on face-to-face interviews
with the main competitive market players

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What is an
occupancy study?

An Occupancy Study involves a comprehensive performance assessment of selected market stakeholders in terms of their ability to attract the relevant customer base. Occupancy levels act as an important indicator of current demand levels in the market and give insights into customer preferences. An exhaustive study of competitors’ performance helps to estimate the existing market depth as well as indicate potential gaps in supply.

An Occupancy Study is typically delivered in the form of a presentation including the results of the primary data collection, an in-depth analysis of the data and an investigation of factors which may influence market dynamics in the future.

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The Occupancy Study provides an in-depth analysis focused on the ability of existing market stakeholders to attract customers and includes:

Location-specific occupancy data
for selected asset classes
Primary research data collected via an integrated approach
including emailing, calling, mystery shopping and pre-arranged interviews with relevant providers
Comprehensive analysis
of the research outcomes
Data-driven insights
into existing market saturation
Potential to identify supply gaps

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Occupancy Studies are usually part of a wider package commissioned by investors and developers looking to either expand their portfolios or enter into a new asset class/operational model. Market knowledge can be enhanced with the following products:

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