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Micro-location Analysis

Targeted research-based analysis of a selected area or site of interest within a city. Our team evaluates its potential for rented residential asset development.

Most relevant rented residential market metrics
reflecting the selected target area
Site assessment
in terms of product suitability

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What is
Micro-location Analysis?

The micro-location analysis zooms in from a city level to a specific district, area, street or site under consideration and evaluates the viability of establishing a rented residential asset there.

The service provides clients with an independent positioning opportunity within the market competition, allowing them to tap into existing market data, but also to benefit from bespoke consulting on the specific location and its precise evaluation.

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The micro-location analysis is based on granular city data. It is typically delivered as part of a wider study that focuses on a site’s most prominent characteristics, local demand and supply dynamics, and benefits and risks:

Detailed analysis of demand generators in the area Overview of existing supply in the area Overview of future supply in the area (pipeline)
Connectivity and location attractiveness assessment Suggested product for the location Suggested rent levels

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The micro-location analysis focuses on a specific site within a larger metropolitan area and, as such, typically serves to enrich products with a larger scope, such as:

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