Focus Groups

Whether it is testing new concepts, driving innovation or simply learning what your customers would change if they could, focus groups deliver instant feedback and fuel idea generation.

Engage your community or prospective tenants
and shape new ideas
Acquire feedback from a relevant group of customers
in an interactive way

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What are
Focus Groups?

In some circumstances, a stimulated moderated group discussion with tenants can yield better results than isolated data collection from individuals. If you are looking for a platform to generate ideas and further shape/conceptualise them and receive instant feedback, focus groups are the way to go.

BONARD has immense experience in bringing together a representative and motivated group of existing or prospective customers and securing the most valuable inputs, usually within a two-hour-long session. Client representatives may opt to take part in such group discussions.

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A focus group’s outcome will give you feedback on the most pressing market-specific issues directly from prospective customers.

Feedback from pre-defined specific group of respondents Possibility to be present at the session and see live reaction of respondents Summary report introducing and interpreting collected information

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Do you need more
than a focus group?

A focus group is usually part of a bigger package for investors and developers who are looking to gain a better understanding of their customers' preferences and can be complemented by related products:

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