In-field Surveys

In-person, street-level interviews with selected target groups to accurately identify customer preferences.

Customer preference
received first hand, directly from the target audience
Site-specific local analysis

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What are
In-field Surveys?

An in-field survey allows investors and developers to assess the feasibility of an investment from a customer perspective. The analysis of the survey results serves as a guidebook to shape the product and marketing efforts based on actual market needs.

This service brings clarity on a number of aspects, such as location feasibility and customer preferences on room types, services and amenities on offer, as well as recommended rent levels.

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In-field Surveys are conducted on a city-level basis and are usually delivered within a matter of a few weeks, depending on target group availability. The client receives the results in the form of spreadsheets, slides comprising in-depth analyses and post-delivery consultations based on:

Tailor-made in-field research Survey questionnaire built in collaboration with your team
in order to ensure you receive answers to pertinent questions only
Identification of a target group
(e.g., domestic mobile and international students living in private PBSA establishments, young professionals, etc.)
Sufficient sample size
to ensure strong results (margin of error less than 5%)
In-person visits to university campuses and other locations
to effectively reach target audience

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Do you need more
than an In-field Survey?

In-field Surveys can be delivered as stand-alone research, but also as part of a package with other products. Our packages offer a complex market assessment, allowing our clients to merge their knowledge of their customers’ preferences with important statistics and analyses of their target markets.

During the assessment process, our customers also opt for:

Thanks to long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence and professional and result-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.


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