In-depth Interviews

Face-to-face interviews with selected stakeholders to deliver new data on market needs, preferences and trends.

Wide reach to various stakeholder groups
accessible through BONARD’s global network
Tailor-made interview outline
to fit your business intelligence needs
In-depth market knowledge received first-hand
from the market players

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What are
In-depth Interviews?

In-depth interviews are tailored to the specific business needs of clients. The target audience is usually interviewed on topics regarding their needs and preferences, while institutions and providers share their insights on factors shaping demand.

Other important stakeholders already established in the market, such as operators, can also be queried in order to gain insider knowledge. Similarly, we can interview fellow investors about their experience with the topic at hand.

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What are you

The research is usually executed within a matter of a few weeks, depending on target group availability. The client receives the results in the form of a summary report comprising analysis and recommendations, and a post-delivery consultation. It is possible to cover the various topics mentioned below based on the client type and needs.

Target customer preferences
attractiveness of the selected site location and building composition, price sensitivity, preferred amenities and services
Higher educational institutions insights
composition of students, student attraction strategies, international student policy, scholarships strategy, housing policy, course structures, summer programmes
Operators’ insights
occupancy levels, pricing policy, customer segmentation, operational model, seasonal differences, contract length
Investors’ experience
regional development strategies, preferred characteristics of the acquisition targets, investor sentiment, etc
Tailor-made face-to-face interviews Questionnaire developed in collaboration with the client's team
in order to ensure you receive answers to pertinent questions only
Sufficient sample size to ensure representative results
(depending on the selected topic and stakeholder group)

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Do you need more
than in-depth interviews?

In-depth interviews can be delivered as stand-alone research as well as in combination with other products to enhance your market understanding and finetune a development strategy. Our customers typically also opt for:

Thanks to long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence and professional and result-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.


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