Sales & Marketing Strategy

Assess your current student nationality mix, identify new nationalities that offer sustainable growth potential and find ways to effectively reach and recruit prospective students from identified countries.

Global monitoring
of student flows and emerging markets
Actionable recruitment strategy for operators
to ensure a sustainable stream of students

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What is a
Sales & Marketing Strategy?

As the market matures and supply increases, operators are under increasing pressure to develop sustainable strategies for student recruitment and retention. This product gives you the benefit of BONARD’s knowledge of international student flows, as well as emerging source markets and related student preferences.

The resulting strategy (usually a 3- or 5-year marketing and recruitment plan) details a list of proposed source markets, action plan for each country, proposed targets and an enumeration of specific activities and initiatives which will lead to meeting the set targets. An inherent part of the product is the identification and vetting of suitable local partners.

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What are you

The delivery features an easy-to-digest report which is followed by an in-depth consultation session. BONARD can also provide ongoing support for the implementation of the strategy, either in part or in full.

Identification of priority markets Development of the most effective recruitment strategies
in the given markets
Advisory on possible value proposition opimization

Identification of prospective business partners
in the given markets 
Detailed overview of country-specific targets
recommended activities, HR, timelines and financial projections

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Do you need more
than a Sales & Marketing Strategy?

Once the strategic direction is established, our clients typically opt for further in-depth market analysis including:

Thanks to long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence and professional and result-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.


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Independent & unbiased views
for more accurate and quicker decisions
Global coverage & consistent benchmarking
of markets, portfolios and properties