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City Report

Rigorous assessment of a city based on key demand and supply indicators to provide a clear and independent investment outlook.

Granular data
covering the most relevant market metrics
Market summary
highlighting the most and least favourable aspects in terms of further industry development

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What is a
City Report?

Our city reports closely examine investment opportunities in a designated area (e.g., district, city, metropolitan area) through an in-depth analysis of key metrics. The report provides a detailed view of demand vs supply dynamics, rent levels and current and further market saturation.

The research is supplemented with insights on the business environment in the city, its development strategies, possible roadblocks and other factors that influence the overall attractiveness for the target audience as well as investors.

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The city report is highly visual and customizable, easy to digest and perfect for presenting to a wide selection of stakeholders. It is accompanied by a detailed spreadsheet dataset and online interactive map featuring:

Current market condition:
demand, supply, rent levels
Future outlook:
target audience population forecast, assets in the pipeline
Key players:
profiles and market positioning
City benchmark:
comparison of the local market’s performance with other selected cities
Market summary:
prominent characteristics and trends, pros and cons for future housing developments

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Although the city report is a comprehensive market assessment tool in itself, it is often commissioned as part of wider research which provides a more connected understanding of the market:

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